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Dealing with automotive wear and tear is just part of the car ownership experience. When you trust us with your car care needs, you get knowledgeable technicians who get to know your car and its particular strengths and weaknesses. While any dealership can do this, communication is what sets us apart from many dealerships and independent auto shops in town. We conduct the latest diagnostic checks on your car and tell you about components that need repair as well as those that are in great shape. Our transparency makes us a trustworthy source for auto repair and maintenance services in Austin.

Your Best-Value Choice for Automotive Care in Austin

If you’re like most car owners, you want a safe, reliable vehicle that will comfortably transport you to destinations in and around Austin. We’ve been helping families to achieve that goal for decades. Our total car care services that range from major engine repairs to simple oil changes give our customers complete peace of mind that their vehicles are ready for anything. A dependable car, truck, or SUV saves you time, money, and hassles in the long run. Let our ASE-certified mechanics keep your car safely on the road for the long haul.

Our Services

  • A/C Air Conditioning
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Alternators
  • Axle Repair & Replacement
  • Batteries
  • Brake Repair
  • Brake Inspection
  • Check Engine Light
  • Clutch Repair & Replacement
  • Coolant / Antifreeze Change
  • Cooling System Repair
  • Diagnostics
  • Diesel Pick-up Repair
  • Differential Diagnosis
  • Differential Rebuild & Service
  • Drive Axles
  • Electrical System Diagnostics & Repair
  • Emission System Repairs
  • Exhaust / Muffler Service
  • Fuel Injection Cleaning
  • Heating Systems
  • Oil Change
  • Power Doors/Windows
  • Power Steering Repair
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Radiator Service
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Starter Repair & Replacement
  • Suspension
  • Timing Belt Replacement
  • Transmission Fluid Flush
  • Transmission Replacement
  • Tune-Ups
  • Water Pumps
  • Wheel / Tire Alignment
  • Wheel Balance
  • U-Joints

More on Our Austin Auto Service Specialties

  • Brake Repair

    Brake Repair

    Brake safety is of paramount importance to us. When a car’s brakes fail, drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians are at risk for a life-threatening crash. Most brake repair issues don’t happen without warning. Here are some key signs that we need to inspect your brakes and do a brake repair service on them immediately. We inspect brakes, do brake repair work, and install new brakes on domestic and imported cars. Our brake repair services include replacing brake pads and shoes, resurfacing rotors or drums, flushing brake fluid, and changing brake system hoses. Our mechanics regularly refresh their knowledge of brake repair testing and techniques. We also use only high-quality parts for our brake repair services.

  • Check Engine Light

    Check Engine Light

    It happens. Your check engine light blinks on when you’re least prepared for a car care emergency. A triggered check engine light can indicate a minor problem such as a damaged gas cap or a more serious issue such as a faulty transmission. The good news is that we offer worry-free diagnostic services for check engine light issues. Our shop is equipped with the latest digital tools to assess check engine light problems quickly and accurately. We employ ASE-mechanics who understand how to interpret the diagnostic codes that are associated with check engine light testing. By using our trusted check engine light services you’ll be satisfied that the problem is fixed right the first time.

  • Cooling System Repair

    Cooling System Repair

    Your car’s engine produces a lot of heat. Without a functioning cooling system, your engine will overheat and stop working properly. Our cooling system repair services make your car more reliable as they safeguard costly components from damage. During cooling system repair services, we check your car’s coolant fluid for type and amount. When your car’s coolant fluid is old, you’ll need a cooling system repair that replaces the old fluid with fresh coolant. Servicing system components such as your radiator, radiator pressure caps, and thermostat are also included in our cooling system repair services. Besides offering cooling system repair work, we do cooling system repair inspections as part of regular preventative maintenance.

  • Oil Change

    Oil Change

    Getting an oil change at a dealership can cost you twice as much as going to one of those quick oil change places that offer to have you in and out of the shop in under 10 minutes. We offer a happy medium with our high-quality oil change services that are reasonably priced. We use premium oil and filters for our oil change services just as dealerships do. While cheap oil change specialty shops offer fast service, their technicians are known to make mistakes such as stripping the threads on oil drain plugs, installing the wrong oil filters, and leaving tools under car hoods. Our ASE-certified mechanics conduct quality inspections before releasing your car at the end of an oil change service.

  • Preventative Maintenance

    Preventative Maintenance

    To get the safest, most dependable car on the road, you’ll need to invest in preventative maintenance. Simple preventative maintenance services such as replacing your windshield wiper blades and rotating your tires to prevent uneven wear make your car safer during Austin storms. Other preventative maintenance services include timing belt replacement, spark plug changes, and alignments. Besides giving you peace of mind while you shuttle your family around Austin, our preventative maintenance services save you money by extending the life of more expensive components such as your transmission or engine. We document our preventative maintenance services for our customers, and having a preventative maintenance log can increase the value of your car if you choose to sell it.

  • Tune-Ups


    At Leonard's Garage, we don’t use tune-ups to sell other services, but to keep your vehicle running stronger longer. Come to us for a tune-up, and we’ll test your fuel, ignition, and emission systems looking for faulty vacuum hoses, oxygen sensors, and other parts that can hurt efficiency. We’ll also inspect your spark plugs to determine age and wear (replacing as necessary). Same for the engine air filter, cabin air filter, and your vehicle’s condenser. We’ll also check all your fluids before sending you off in an exceptionally smooth-running vehicle.