Brake Repair

Brakes are one of the most important safety features of your vehicle. When most people think of brakes, they think of the friction materials or the pads and shoes. The friction is important and worn friction is the cause of most brake problems. Newer brakes are composed of harder pads and thinner rotors to keep up with the ever increasing need for better fuel efficiency. When brake repair is necessary for these newer models, the brakes are usually repaired or replaced as a whole unit to ensure safety of the operator of the vehicle. If your vehicle happens to have disc brakes on both the front and rear of your truck, odds are that you will have to replace the front brakes twice as often as your rear ones, due to the extra weight in the front.

Modern braking systems use hydraulics and computer controlled systems to ensure the shortest braking distances. Long gone are the days of drum brakes with asbestos linings. Today’s braking systems use advanced materials designed to provide a quiet, smooth and sure stop. If your car is experiencing trouble braking, trust Leonard’s Garage for your brake repair in Austin, TX. Give us a call today at (512) 326-3474 to schedule your brake repair!

Signs My Car Needs Brake Repair

The braking system in a car consists of as many as 75 parts. All these must work correctly or the system will experience problems. Some of these problems include:

  • Grabbing
  • Grinding
  • Long stopping distance
  • Pulling
  • Pulsating
  • Squealing

The Many Parts Of Brake Repair

There are more parts than just the pads and shoes. The hydraulic and mechanical systems are just as important. The brake fluid is a specially designed fluid that absorbs moisture as well as provides lubrication and hydraulic pressure to the calipers. Brake fluid should be changed annually during brake repair since it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and becomes saturated. The saturated fluid allows rust and dirt to accumulate in the system which causes failure of many parts.

ABS, or the Anti-Lock Braking System, is a computer sensor system that directs and removes pressure from the brakes to ensure the safety of the drives. It allows your vehicle to stop while traveling straight without spinning out on different road conditions. It allows the driver to brake and steer without wheel lock-up. ABS is a huge safety feature and the ABS warning light should never be ignored. A car brakes totally differently without ABS, and in an emergency the driver may not know how to handle the vehicle with no anti-lock system.

All of these aspects of your vehicles brakes must be tended to as needed to ensure you and your family’s safety. If a warning light comes on or you suspect your brakes are wearing down, do not take it lightly. Brake repair is very important to the overall health of your vehicle. Brakes should be replaced by ASE certified technicians. A job done improperly, can not only cost additional money, but it can cost lives. When you need brake repair in Austin, TX, call Leonard’s Garage at (512) 326-3474.