Car A/C Repair

Automotive air conditioning, or A/C, is a saving grace here in TX. Without it, some days would be intolerable. When your car A/C breaks down, it can be disastrous for both your family and the vehicle itself. Car A/C repair should always be done by a professional, as the repair may not be very simple and refrigerant can be dangerous to you and the environment. If you need car A/C repair in Austin, TX, call a garage that you trust to get the job done correctly and with a staff of mechanics that are AAA approved. Call Leonard’s Garage at (512) 326-3474 and let us get your family back the comfort you deserve.

An automotive air conditioning system consists of many components:

  • Actuators – Actuators open and close the blend doors.
  • Blend doors – Blend doors are used to blend hot air from the heater and the cold air to achieve a comfortable temperature.
  • Blower motor – Blows air across the evaporator and out of the ducts.
  • Compressor – located under the hood, the compressor is a belt driven pump. It compresses the refrigerant and moves it through the system. The compressor is really a small motor with pistons, valves and a crankshaft. When a compressor goes out, it always distributes metal shavings throughout the whole system.
  • Condenser – Located in front of the radiator, the condenser cools the hot Freon before returning it to the compressor. Freon is very hot when it returns to the compressor. Therefore, it must be cooled down. The condenser is also like a small radiator. Air is blown across it and the Freon is cooled. Have you ever gone through a car wash on a hot day and noticed the A/C become much colder? This is due to the cooling effect of the water going across the condenser and helping to cool the Freon.
  • Dryer – The dryer removes moisture and contaminates from the refrigerant. A dryer is sort of an “oil filter” for Freon and compressor oil which circulates through the system.
  • Evaporator – Located under the dash, the evaporator removes the heat and moisture from the outside air. The evaporator looks like a small radiator. It has narrow tubes and fins. Freon is pumped through the passages. An evaporator is a common place from which Freon leaks causing the need for car A/C repair.
  • Hoses – Hoses carry the refrigerant between the various components.
  • Refrigerant – A substance which is reversible from liquid to gas.
  • Pressure switches – The switches are used to cycle the system. Without them the system would freeze.
  • Various sensors and controls – Modern a/c units use computer controlled sensors and controls for split a/c systems.

A malfunction in any of these components will affect the performance of the system. A system may be full of refrigerant, but have a malfunctioning temperature blend door and not cool. Our team can diagnose the culpable component, complete your car a/c repair in Austin, TX, and get your family back on the road! Let our team show you the Leonard’s Garage difference.

Dangers And Proper Car A/C Repair

Air condition works by placing refrigerant under high pressure (250psi) and forcing it through narrow openings. It is never a good idea to try to charge or perform car A/C repair of system yourself. If too much refrigerant is added to the system, the high pressures can cause the hoses to separate. People have been seriously injured when a hose blew off and whipped under the pressure, striking them in the face or body. Other dangers include low cost or black market refrigerant. Often times, these refrigerants include butane, which can explode while charging the a/c system or upon impact during an accident. In order to complete a safe and complete car A/C repair, our mechanics use specialized equipment created specifically to detect and collect hazardous fluids for later recycling. Our mechanics practice safety step by step through the car A/C repair and will get your air conditioning up and running. This car A/C repair process keeps the system, our mechanics, the environment, and, most important, you safe from any potential harm.

Symptoms of Car A/C Problems

  • Knocking noise when compressor turns on
  • Lack of temperature control
  • No air circulation
  • Oily residue around hose connections or components
  • Smoke from vents when blower is activated
  • System does not cool properly
  • Worn or frayed belt

An A/C system is a very complicated system with many parts. Car A/C repair should always be completed by a professional. Leonard’s can help you get back your cool car in a jiffy! Call Leonard’s Garage at (512) 326-3474 for your car A/C repair in Austin, TX today.