Car Electrical Repair

When a piece of your car’s electronics goes offline, you should always consult a mechanic for car electrical repair. Modern cars have miles of wiring, dozens of switches, modules, electrical motors and actuators. Most all of the sensors, accessories and power equipment run by electricity. When a short or ground problem is encountered, a technician must manually trace the system using wiring schematics and special equipment. It is a time consuming task, even for the best technicians.

With all of these advanced electrical systems, it is more important now more than ever to schedule your car electrical repair in Austin, TX with Leonard’s Garage. Our ASE certified automotive technicians are the professionals you can trust. Many computer problems on cars can be traced back to bad connections and faulty grounds. Additionally, there is no preventative maintenance needed for the electrical system, but it is important to keep the battery and connections in good shape. A battery and charging system test at each oil change can alert a car owner to potential problems and a need for car electrical repair. Have one of our technicians test your system at the time of your next inspection or bring it by for a check up! Give us a call today at (512) 326-3474 for system testing and car electrical repair in Austin, TX!

Vehicle Electrical Systems

Today’s vehicles are marvels of comfort and convenience.

Many of the power accessories we take for granted are fairly recent additions to the automobile. Power accessories can add $10,000 or even more to price of a new car, and manufacturers have learned that it is almost impossible to sell a model without all the gadgets!

  • Alarm systems & proximity alerts
  • Automatic headlight dimmers
  • Automatic rear view mirror dimmers
  • Back-up cameras and alarms
  • Entertainment systems & Information displays
  • Navigation systems
  • Power antennas
  • Power mirrors
  • Power pedal controls
  • Power seats
  • Power sunroofs
  • Power steering wheel adjustments
  • Power windows
  • Remote start systems
  • Seat cooling & heaters
  • Temperature controlled a/c system
  • Window deicers and defoggers

All of these systems use a whole host of sensors, motors and modules. Most are now controlled by computers. A car equipped with power windows has an extra 20 parts alone. As cars become more comfortable, they also become more technological, and that technology requires special diagnostic equipment and training for car electrical repair.

Most of these systems don’t require any maintenance, and when a part fails it must be diagnosed and replaced. Next time a light starts blinking on your dashboard, bring your car in to Leonard’ s. The specialists who are familiar with every make and model of car can give you free written estimate for your car electrical repair. When something goes wrong with the wiring or electrical system in your car, truck or SUV, trust Leonard’s Garage for your car wiring repair or car electrical repair in Austin, TX. Call us today at (512) 326-3474!