Car Tune-Up

The days of the old car tune-up are long gone. Modern cars are tuned by the on-board computer. There are few adjustments which can be made manually. Spark plug and ignition wire replacement is still needed and should be performed every 60K miles as a maintenance issue. Many manufacturers recommend up to 100K, but it is important to remove the plugs more often and replace them. When a spark plug is left in the cylinder more than 5 years, it can seize in the threads and cause extensive damage when removed. Replacing the plugs and coating the threads with a special lubricant will prevent damage to the threads. Anytime the computer senses a misfire or fuel mixture problem, it will turn the “check engine light” on. The problem must be diagnosed and the faulty components replaced. If your vehicle has a spark plug or emissions problem, call Leonard’s Garage at (512) 326-3474 for a car tune-up in Austin, TX.

Fuel Emissions Checks

The fuel and emission system work as a team and both must be operating correctly or the fuel mixture will be off and damage other parts in the system. The fuel and emission system is a complicated array of sensors and control modules. The computer reads all the data provided by the sensors and makes the necessary adjustments to the fuel and air mixture. The computer controlled system allows cars to produce maximum power with the least amount of fuel and pollution.

Your vehicle will have to pass a yearly inspection mandated by the government in order to stay on the road. If an issue is detected with your car during the inspection, your car will fail the inspection and you can be ticketed for driving with an expired inspection. Part of the inspection process is passing an emissions test to determine that your vehicle is not producing a great deal of pollution. If your car has failed this portion of the inspection and you need a quick car tune-up in Austin, TX to get back on the road, call Leonard’s Garage now: (512) 326-3474. We will get you back on the road in no time.