Fluid Leaks & Car Pump Repair

Moving metal parts need lubrication. Without lubrication, parts seize and lock-up. Whether its oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid or engine coolant, a fluid leak is bad news if left pump repair is not completed. In the case of the brake system, a leak can be fatal!

Most automotive systems are closed, meaning the lubrication of the system is not fed from an outside source. Once the lubrication is lost, the system fails. Once the system fails, it can mean serious damage for your car, truck or SUV. When a pump looses its fluid, it will malfunction, which can lead to a car that won’t run. Schedule your car pump repair in Austin, TX with Leonard’s Garage today.

Almost all automotive systems requiring lubrication use lines, hoses and seals. All of the various parts, systems and pumps in a car are sealed using gaskets, rubber seals and liquid sealers. Many of the lines and hoses are made of rubber.

It is a guarantee that, at some point, all the seals, gaskets and hoses will wear out and leak. When a leak occurs, the fluid leaks out of the system, leaving it dry and inoperable. When these seals and other parts of your hoses fail, make sure to take your car to a professional mechanic at Leonard’s Garage for fluid leak and pump repair in Austin, TX. Give us a call today at (512) 326-3474 to schedule your pump repair appointment!

Check Fluid Leaks Immediately

When the system goes even a short time without lubrication, it will fail. Engines, transmissions, power steering systems, a/c compressors, and differentials have failed because a very minor seal or gasket leaked the fluid out. Many people have kicked themselves because a $30.00 repair could have saved them thousands of dollars in major repair costs!

Car owners should never ignore a fluid leak. That small spot on the garage floor can be the beginning of big trouble. Always have leaks checked and immediately repaired. It makes good sense to have your car checked for fluid leaks and repaired at each oil change.

Regular oil changes and system flushes will help prevent fluid leaks. Old, worn out or dirty fluids lose the ability to condition rubber parts. Preventative maintenance will also help the rubber parts last longer.

Remember that regular maintenance is important to maintaining your various fluid lines and pumps. If you suspect an issue with fluid delivery or one of your vehicle’s pumps, schedule car pump repair in Austin, TX with Leonard’s Garage by calling (512) 326-3474. Let our expert mechanics show you the Leonard’s Garage difference today.