Fuel Pump Repair

The fuel pump has one vital role and that is to take fuel from the tank and send it into the engine. Fuel pumps can either be mechanical or electric. They have very different designs and ways of operating but both pump types must be able to create a constant pressure and maintain the fuel level to keep the engine running smoothly. A vehicle is not going to get far with a damaged fuel pump, so you will want to get it repaired otherwise you may end up stranded on the side of the road. If you need fuel pump repair in Austin, TX give us a call at (512) 326-3474.

Signs of Failure

If your vehicle refuses to start at all, that is a good indication that your fuel pump may be malfunctioning. Sometimes it might start, but it will stutter and not enough fuel will get into the engine. In a mechanical fuel pump, there might be a strong fuel smell after the car has been started. A rapping noise might be heard as the engines starts. This is because the pressure arm pivot is not working as it should. An electric fuel pump will cause the vehicle to have weak acceleration and cause a loss of power. Having to stop at a gas station more often than usual? That might be an indicator of the fuel pump having trouble maintaining the fuel volume into the engine and this could lead to even more costly repairs.

Repairs and replacements of fuel pumps requires dealing with gasoline and the fumes they produce. Because of this, it is always safer to have an experienced mechanic make the repairs. Our mechanics have all the tools and equipment required to get your vehicle’s pump repaired or replaced as necessary. You always want to get a vehicle in for repairs at the first sign of trouble. A problematic pump could leave you with a stalled car in the middle of nowhere. Don’t take that risk! Call today for more information about your fuel pump in Austin, TX (512) 326-3474. Visit us at either of our two convenient locations on South Lamar or 1st Street.