Head Gasket Replacement

Head gaskets are a key part of the engine block. It is keeps pressure inside the combustion chamber in order to keep the pistons running. A blown head gasket is a serious issue that spells trouble for much of the vehicle’s internal workings if left untreated for too long. Call us now if you think your engine is overheating or has a blown head gasket in Austin, TX. (512) 326-3474.

Types of Gaskets

There are three common types of head gaskets in cars today. Steel gaskets are made with layered steel and are the most common gaskets used. Copper gaskets are also very common and are known to be extremely durable because of how they are manufactured. They are made from a sheet of copper that is made in specialized machines that adds wire around the edge of the cylinder which strengthens the material. Composite gaskets are not as common anymore because they are made from asbestos or graphite. Because of the health concerns surrounding asbestos, manufacturers have switched to safer and longer lasting materials.

Signs of Trouble

The main warning that your head gasket has blown is an unusually high engine temperature. When the engine overheats your dashboard should display a warning light to let you know that there is trouble. Because the gasket is a seal against pressure, once it is broken that pressure will escape and the engine will begin to lose power. Once that happens, the vehicle will have difficulty running smoothly and will be noticeable right away.

The damage to your car becomes a downward spiral after the gasket blows. The gasket acts as a barrier between motor oil and coolant fluid. If it blows, there is a chance that these liquids could mix and cause a lot of difficulties. With the loss of the seal, the liquids will start to leak into other containers and dilute other fluids causing a lot of different hazardous issues within the engine block.

If the head gasket of your vehicles is causing you trouble, come by Leonard’s Garage and Service Center so our mechanics can take care of it quickly. Give us a call at (512) 326-3474 today for more information on services for head gasket in Austin, TX and other services we provide to put your car back in order again.