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"It was a day ruiner to find a nail in my tire during SXSW. I quickly stopped into Leonard's to evaluate my options, where they told me they could patch it up, air it up, and get me on my way within 10 minutes -- all for FREE. They did exactly that, and I am still smiling about the kindness and service I received. If you are looking for an Austin-based shop, with the friends and family mentality that we love about this city, this is the place for you. I will be back. Thank you, Leonard's team!"

— Google Review

"I will never use another garage or mechanic unless it is a dire emergency. All of the guys in this shop treat me fairly. I don't get talked down-to because I am a woman. They are honest and do great work! I have recommended them to many friends. I first went there because they are "local" and they promised to match a price from Discount Tires on tires for one of my Volvos, now I do not go anywhere else. I got a flat repaired on a weekend at NTB and then had to spend 40 minutes with them as they tried to figure out the code to turn off the "Low Tire Pressure" message on my Volvo. The guys at Leonard's already know this stuff! Seems like something your mechanic should know. In any event, I don't worry about my cars anymore, they are in trusted hands of Leonard's!"

— Yelp Review

"I chose this place based off its previous reviews. I came to Leonard's to get new struts put in my car because my suspension was off. I can't say I got the cheapest price here, but they were extremely efficient and when I came to get my car it was cleaner than I had seen it in years. I had driven through some tar a couple years back and could never fully get the residue off. I never asked them to do anything extra and they never told me they were going to, but when I showed up to pick up my car it looked so fresh and bright. There was no extra charge and about 2 weeks after my first visit, I received a free oil change and tire rotation. I highly recommend coming to Leonard's if you want quality care at an affordable price."

— Yelp Review

"I ordered two tires from Goodyear online and was able to book the service for installment at Leonard's within the next 2 days. I have to say Chris and Mack who work the front are some of the nicest, most professional front of house guys I've ever met! I observed them helping out a distraught older lady, giving her a ride to work after she dropped off her car, and being sincerely understanding towards her position. I was in and out within an hour, and Chris even ran my Honda through a complimentary wash, (which is at least $7 at a gas station). Will definitely be coming back here in the future! *Tip - Drive to the back of Jiffy Lube if you can't spot Leonard's garage at first."

— Yelp Review

"I have known Leonard for about 15 years as a police officer and his shop has taken care of all of my auto mechanic needs for about ten years. HONEST & CAPABLE. His shop on South 1st street is run by a former Marine -Jason. All the mechanics there (Craig is my primary mechanic) are all top notch and certified. Not the cheapest but far from most expensive but most important of all- they do it RIGHT AND ARE HONEST!! You get what you pay for. I drive from Lakeway to South Austin to have them service all of my cars."

— Yelp Review