Serpentine Belt Repair

The serpentine belt is an essential part of making your vehicle run correctly. The belt connects the steering, alternator, and air conditioning to the engine which powers everything. Serpentine Belts are a newer belt system to make things more efficient and easier to service under the hood. Call us at (512) 326-3474 today to learn more about your serpentine belt in Austin, TX.

Typically, a vehicle will have only one serpentine belt which creates more space in the engine compartment. Replacing a broken belt means removing just one belt instead of having to remove several others in the way of getting to the one that is worn out. Because a single belt is required to operate under higher tension the chances of it slipping are reduced and there is less of a risk of it flipping over.

Because of the stress that serpentine belts are put under, it will develop cracks over time and eventually break. When that happens you will want to replace it as soon as possible. Some cars have the water pump run by the serpentine belt. If that is the case, a broken belt can result in an over heating engine because the ware pump keeps water and coolant flowing to keep things cool. Get a replacement belt as soon as possible to prevent damage from being done to the engine.

Symptoms of a problem:

If there is a squealing noise coming from the engine area of your vehicle it could indicate a loose or damaged belt. When a belt breaks it will affect your ability to steer and the engine with noticeably overheat. When these symptoms of a broken belt occur bring your vehicle in to Leonard’s Garage and Service Center to get repairs underway.

What We Do:

We will inspect the belt to see what kind of condition it is in. If has cracks or other damage we will remove it and replace it with a new belt. The serpentine belt is definitely not something your vehicle can go without. If it stops working, so does the water pump, steering, and battery charger. So if you think the belt may be damaged or not aligned properly, give us a call (512) 326-3474. We will be glad to repair or replace your serpentine belt in Austin, TX.