Thermostat Servicing

The thermostat is an essential part of your vehicle’s engine compartment. They are tasked with keeping the engine cool and helping expedite the engine warm-up time when the vehicle is first started. A failing thermostat can cause a lot of harmful issues to your engine. Bring your car to Leonard’s Garage and Service Center for the highest quality service for your thermostat in Austin, TX. We will have one of our mechanics look it over to determine whether it is time for a replacement. Call us today at (512) 326-3474 to schedule your appointment today!

How Does It Work?

The engine in your car has to operate within a certain temperature range in order for the vehicle to run smoothly. Typically an engine will run between 180 to 210 Fahrenheit. This is where the thermostat comes in. To keep the temperature at an optimal level, the thermostat has a small valve that will open or close in order to control the amount of coolant traveling between the engine and the radiator. It is a small yet very important part that keeps your vehicle in great shape. The engine can become seriously damaged without a working thermostat which will result in costly repairs. If your engine seems to be running hot, give us a call to see what we can do to make sure your vehicle stays in working condition.

Common Problems

Usually if there is something wrong with a thermostat it is either: stuck open or stuck closed. If it is stuck closed the engine will get too hot and cause the entire vehicle to overheat. When the it is stuck open, the engine will run too cold which can lead to poor mileage and keep the interior heating from working properly. There are some cases when it will malfunction and won’t regulate the coolant levels anymore.

Since 1972, Leonard’s Garage and Service Center has been providing Austin, TX with the best repair service for any vehicle. Our technicians are trained to repair and perform maintenance on any vehicle. It is important to schedule maintenance for your vehicle so we can catch issues before they cause major problems. Call us today for more information about your thermostat in Austin, TX, or to schedule service. (512) 326-3474