Window Regulator Repair

It is always fun to have the windows down on cooler day in the spring or fall in Austin, TX. Maybe not so much in the sweltering summer heat or on a gloomy rainy day. In those situations, you definitely don’t want a window regulator that keeps getting stuck or breaks while glass is still down. The window regulator is what controls the glass in your window when you press the button to open or close it. Electric powered windows have a motor that activates when the window button is pressed. The window regulator uses the power from the motor to move the window up or down depending on how the switch was pressed. There are two main pieces that make up the window regulator. A thin metal cable and plastic pieces that hold the cable in place. The cable can wear out over time especially if it is used constantly. If this has happened to your car, call us at (512) 326-3474 today to repair your window regulator in Austin, TX!

Window Regulator Problems

There are a few telling signs that one the window regulators in your vehicle is not working properly anymore. The most obvious is the window refusing to go up or down with you press on the button. If the plastic pieces inside the regulator break, the cable will loosen and the window glass may fall into the door and will not go back up with the help of the motor. Other common signs of issues could be noises coming from the door when you try to operate the window or the glass moves at an odd angles when it does go up or down.

Making repairs or replacing the window regulator will require taking apart the door to access the window components. At Leonard’s Garage, we have been in the business of automotive repair for over forty years. Our mechanics are expertly trained so your window repair can be done quickly and correctly. We are dedicated to making sure all of our customers receive quality service that is always done right the first time. If you have questions, or would like more information on our company and the services we provide, give us a call now (512) 326-3474. We’ll happily fix or replace your window regulator in Austin, TX.