Friendly and Reliable Auto Repair in Austin Since 1972

Our Personal Promise to Our Clients

Five generations of the Johnson family have been providing the highest quality customer service and transportation repair to Austinites since 1879. Even before automobiles, our family operated a blacksmith shop on east 6th St from 1901until the 1940s. Our great grandfather kept Austinites on the road by repairing wagons and the E. 6th St. trolleys. Our proud tradition continues today.

Believe us when we say "your safety and satisfaction is our highest priority", it's ingrained in our DNA!

We personally make the following promises to every client:
• Our certified staff will never be dishonest in any way, shape or form
• Our certified staff will treat each and every client with fairness and respect
• Our certified staff will explain our recommendations so you will know exactly what is needed and why
• Our certified staff will give you a to-the-penny estimate before we perform repairs
• Our certified technicians will do everything within their power to ensure your vehicle is repaired right the first time
• Our certified staff will perform a quality control check on the repair
• Our staff will communicate with you every step of the way
• Our family will personally respond to your comments, suggestions and complaints
• We would like to think our teams are perfect, but of course we're not. Occasionally we drop the ball, but when we do, we will always make it right!

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